Manual Setup for Windows XP
1 - To add a new VPN connection, click on Start then go to Control Panel.
2 - Select “Network and Internet Connections”.
3 - Under the Pick a task section, select “Create a connection to the network at your workplace”.
4 - From the window that pops up, select “Virtual Private Network connection” then click Next.
5 - In the “Connection Name”, use the following settings:

Company Name: [make up a name for your connection]
then click Next.
6 - In the “VPN Server Selection”, use the following settings:

Host name or IP address: [choose a server address from this page, (Ex: ]
then click Next.
7 -
Check the box for Add a shourtcut to this connection to my desktop.
then click Finish.
8 -
You will now see your new VPN connection shourtcut on the Desktop.
To connect to the VPN server, double click the shourtcut then enter below settings:
User name: [your BetterVPN username]
Password: [your BetterVPN password]
Check the box for Save this username and password for the following users.
then click Connect.
9 - Awesome! Your VPN connection is now up and running.